Thursday, May 31, 2012

Joining the Ranks of the Unemployed - and How I Got Cheap Biscuit Mix

The day after I blogged the strawberry shortcake recipe, I was offered a different job within my company. The job is an extra hour a day commute and even with a small pay raise would cost a lot more in fuel costs and vehicle wear.

I decline the offer and within 24 hours was told my job was eliminated. My last day was a week ago. I have filed for unemployment but as many of you have already discovered, it is a far cry from my previous income.

Fortunately my frugal living skills will help me make do while I look for a new position. Once again I'm glad I live within my means. Since my 'means' have gotten a little meaner...

Last weekend we drove a few miles out of the way to make a direct purchase from a local grain mill. We went to buy chicken feed. A 100 pound bag costs just few dollars more than a 50 pound bag at the national chain feed & seed place.

In addition, this mill has wonderful flour & cornmeal products. I was able to buy biscuit mix, self rising flour, plain flour and seasoned flour for about 30% less than the grocery store prices.

The mill I went to also distributes pie & pastry fillings as well as just about any kind of animal feed you can imagine. It's worth the trip every three months or so to stock up.

Check your local area for a grain mill and see if you can enjoy the benefits of fresh locally milled flours for less than the national brands.